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Join summer tennis classes now! New batches starts from April 1st onwards. Expert coaching, 1:1 instruction, start your tennis classes now. Sign up now +91-8861756771
News Update's
Join summer tennis classes now! New batches starts from April 1st onwards. Expert coaching, 1:1 instruction, start your tennis classes now. Sign up now +91-8861756771

Equipment in tennis has progressed significantly over recent years. From rackets with wooden frames and all-white cotton clothing, to rackets designed with space-age materials and high performance colored kit the changes could not be more dramatic.



Choosing the correct racket for you is crucial. The right choice will result in hours of fun and satisfaction. The wrong decision could result in frustration or even injury. There is a huge of models available. Rackets vary in price length, head size, weight and their stiffness or flex. They are made out of different materials, from aluminium to graphite, and are often reinforced with titanium and are often reinforced with with titanium and other space-age materials. How much you should pay depends on how often you should pay. If you play regularly, it is worth considering a more expensive technical racket.

Rackets For Adults

A racket’s weight is measured as:

  • Under 10oz(285g)-light
  • 10-11.5oz(285-325g)-medium
  • Over11.5oz (325g)-heavy.

For adults new to the game a light medium-to stiff racket is generally recommended. It will be less tiring on the arm and will aid comfort and ease of swing


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.A standard length adult rackets is 27 in (68.5cm), but ‘long body’ rackets go up to 29 in(73.6cm)im length. These helpgive extra power. They also allow playerswho are shorter in height or sloweron their feet to reach balls slightly further away. The frame profile is the width of the racket frame when looked at side on.Beginners should considerwide-body frames () between 24 and 30mm) as these are stiffer and more powerful.


Racket heads range in area from 90sq in (600sqcm)to an oversize 120 sq in (770sq cm).Smaller-headed racket provide more ball feel and are chosen usually by more advance players. A larger-headed racket has a bigger’ sweet- spot’-the area of the racket’s strings strings which produce the best mixture of feel and power. This makes them ideal for newer players.


The correct grip size (handle size) will depend on big your hand is. If you find your racket is slipping in your hand, try using an over-grip designed to soak up sweat. An over-grip tend to increase the by half a size.


Rackets For Juniors

It is important the racket is the right size for a young player so that they get the best from their tennis and don’t risk hurting themselves. Rackets increase in size as the junior player grows. They start at junior player grows. they start at 19 in (48.25cm)long for toddlers and go up 26.25 in (66.7cm)-only 0.75in (109cm)shorter than an adult standard length racket. A cheaper aluminium racket is suitable for complete beginners. But as players improve and play more regularly, they may want to consider a composite racket made of aluminium and graphite.


Tennis balls

Regular tennis balls come in two types: pressure-less and pressurized. Pressure-les balls are cheaper and longer lasting.pressurised balls are inflated during manufacture. They are more expensive and speed. They are used in most official competitions. MINI TENNIS BALL For Younger juniors, Min Tennis balls are recommended They come in a variety of types which bounce at different speeds and heights. They help children of different ages and abilities to play correct shotswithout straining their joints..


Tennis Shoes

Do not wear running shoes or fashion trainers to play tennis. Unlike running, tennis involves sideways movement, pushing off the balls of your feet. Wearing the wrong shoes can hinder your performance and even cause injury. Proper tennis shoes and uppers to provide support and stability for sideways movement. Tennis is also a high impact activity so make sure your shoes have good cushioning inside which help absorb shock.


Tennis Clothing

Tennis is a fast and athletic game so clothing needs to be comfortable and not restrict your body movement. Fabrics used in modern-day tennis wear are designed to keep the player cool and dry plus protect against UV light. Shorts and shirt (short sleeved and sleeveless polo’s and T-shirts) are the norm for men and skirts, shorts, tops and dresses for women. Tracksuits are worn by both sexes for warmth before and after play.

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